Plastic surgery is a specialty by itself

This specialty demands long and difficult studies and the undertaking of ongoing training.

Among the various medical specialties, plastic surgery has specificities of its own :

  • Patients are fully aware of their needs and should be treated as such, not as patients with illnesses. Patients often arrive with a full range of information searched way ahead of the meeting they have planned with the surgeon.
  • Therefore, the diagnosis of the practitioner is often meeting the requests and the needs of the patient. This could be seen as an interview where the roles had been reversed.
  • The clinical examination and medical investigation made by the surgeon will be precise in order to look for any contraindication that could restrain the procedure.
  • Explanations given by the surgeon concerning the technical sides of the operations, the risks involved, and the willing results, must be simple, clear and accurate. Approximation within this field is not an option one should consider.
Covering of rejuvenation or treatment of morphological defaults should aim for excellent results with the reassurance that the risks that could occur will be minimised.