Intimate plastic and cosmetic surgery

More doctors and sexologists are getting concerned with the constant increase of demand for intimate plastic surgery as it appears to be driven by new aesthetic standards. These new standards are seemingly creating a range of psychological complexes which were originally not present.

Accordingly, excessive demand upon this practice can be observed. But these abuses must not be confounded with the fact that the «intimate plastic and cosmetic surgery» is appropriate to women with proper needs and requests, whether they are physical (mechanical), psychological or aesthetical.


The «intimate plastic and cosmetic surgery» is obviously not only a case of a new aesthetic trend. It should be seen, first and foremost, as a medical solution for pathologies which are often difficult to discuss off with others. The surgeon must be very aware that these intimate matters are usually very hard to express. By today’s standards of course, discussions seem to be more open. Still some patients have feelings of guilt and shame upon these very subjects and constrict themselves in a muted silence. The practitioner role is also to try and relieve them from this burden.

Many demands are coming from women experiencing pain during sexual intercourse or when practicing sports or simply walking, or during extended sitting.

  • During sexual intercourse, the intrusion of enlarged vaginal lips –or labia minora- into the vagina can be very uncomfortable and painful for a woman and her partner.
  • Over prominent vaginal lips can be a complex for some women, leading to psychological distress.
  • Some women may have had a difficult delivery, with or without episiotomy; vagina can feel looser, wider, which may affect the quality of sexual intercourse.
  • A damaged vulvar caused by an accident or the surgical removal of a tumor can be reconstruct, as can be treated the female genital mutilations resulting from ethnical practices.

All the above examples are of pathological disorders; and therefore are not only responding to aesthetic requests. All aspects must be carefully considered in this very intimate and very personal field when an act is requested.

Whichever the requested need of the patient is -size related problems of the vaginal lips, wider vagina, labia majora remodeling of vulvar-vaginal reconstruction-, the consultation is aimed at evaluating the areas to be treated and detecting eventual associated abnormalities occurring at the vulvar or vaginal opening. In the case of a vulvar-vaginal reconstruction, the practitioner will consider the etiology of the patient before any reconstructive surgery indication. Will also be taken into account the psychological context the patient is in, personally and at home.

The «intimate plastic and cosmetic surgery» procedure is performed with the aim of solving one particular disorder at the time. Some operations can be performed under local anesthesia (including reduction of the labia minora), and others, such as the reduction of vaginal patency, are performed under epidural or general anesthesia. In all cases, the position during the procedure is uncomfortable

Sutures are made with absorbable materials which naturally disappear after 8 to 10 days. The post-operative recovery of an intimate surgery is usually painless. Some discomfort when walking can be experienced for a few days. Normal sex life can be resumed between 15 days and one month after the operation, depending on the procedure performed.