Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL)

The aging process of the skin is seen through changes in colour, texture and lack of elasticity. Wrinkles appear gradually, faster or not, depending on one’s own genetic capital and life habits. Intense pulse light therapy, combined with radio frequency waves, is a well-known process that can be used on its own or to complement a surgery process, and is effective at any age.


To ensure this rejuvenation process is effective in the long run, the focus is done on three specific targets:

  • Collagen responsible of the skin texture
  • Hemoglobin responsible for vascular lesions
  • The melanin related age spots.
  • What can be improved ?

  • dark spots
  • redness of the skin
  • rosacea
  • dilated pores
  • irregularity of the skin
  • little wrinkles
  • We can treat :

  • face
  • neck
  • cleavage
  • hands