The mesotherapy process is used in order to gives the skin a fresh and vivid aspect. Its multiple micro-injections of hyaluronic acid enriched with vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements helps getting rid of a dull aspect.

The purpose is to nourish the skin and to provide it with the fundamental elements it has lost over years. The Hyaluronic acid, a very fluid agent, is injected on the very first layer of the skin - the dermis- , following the wrinkles, especially those on the on the neck and the women’s cleavage.


All along the life, and especially during the aging process, the skin on the neck and the women’s cleavage is under pressure of many aggressive elements, such as the sun, the pollution of the environment, or a nicotine addiction or surrounding.
Due to this phenomenon, many women see vertical wrinkles and folds starting at the birth of their neck and prolonging to their breast cleavage.
It is totally natural to be looking for and to find a solution capable of improving the quality of skin.
Among the various and available techniques that can do so, the mesotherapy process is very thought after. The purpose of this operation is to nourish the skin and to provide it with the fundamental elements it has lost over years.
The agents used are primarily a very fluid hyaluronic acid, as well as vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts.
These agents are injected superficially along the wrinkles with the help of a thin needle and by topping all of the concerned era. Superficial intradermal micro-papules are being used.
The main goal of this process is to stimulate the micro-circulation and to improve the oxygenation of the skin as well as the production of collagen and elastic fibers from the skin cells.


With the help of these treatments: the skin founds colours that has been lost, is getting tighter while softer and rehydrated. The brightness and firmness of the skin are coming back to life.
The session treatment takes approximately half an hour.
The usual practice is to undertake 4 sessions -more or less- allowing a 15 days break period between each session. Complementary sessions can be of help in the following months. The aging process of the skin being permanent, this type of treatment is fully effective on the long run and when done frequently.
These treatments are done with regard to the skin condition as well as to prevent and reduce the aging process over it.