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8 September 2014
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12 September 2014
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FACE 2 F@CE 2014

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F.A.C.E. 2 f@ce is now busy preparing for its fourth edition, and we would like to thank all of you for your contribution to our growing success: our success is your success.

Together, we have made F.A.C.E. 2 f@ce the landmark autumn congress.
This success is also the fruit of our commitment, year after year, to ensuring that every participant feels part of a high quality congress in which science has reclaimed the central position it merits, as witnessed by our Scientific Program.
Sharing knowledge, topical information and the latest innovations whilst remaining affordable is a challenge we are happy to take on. The issue of creativity is not to be ignored, and is expressed through the Cannes International Aesthetic Film Festival, which proved universally popular. It was a great idea, and we thought of it and made it happen.
Finally, each year we pay tribute to the humanitarian work of our fellow professionals by selecting a non-profit organization as beneficiary of the funds raised in the course of the gala evening. 
This is how we see the DNA of F.A.C.E.2f@ce.
“Building the Aesthetic Future Together”

Face2f@ce 2014

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