An unsightly belly, relaxed, scar or excessive sagging skin after significant weight loss can be a heavy trauma support and origin of large complexes.

If the skin comprises many lesions and is stretched (stretch marks, scars), liposuction alone is not sufficient, then an abdominoplasty is more appropriate. This intervention aims to remove unsightly skin and tighten the skin healthy instead for.


During the procedure, we can also perform liposuction to remove excess fat and local treat the abdominal muscles which are damaged. The most common abdominoplasty proceeds as follows: in a pattern adapted to injury, the surgeon ablates a spindle therefore skin comprising all or part of the area between the navel and the pubis. The upper part of the skin is not damaged, usually located above the navel is pulled down. Thus, we obtain an abdominal wall consists of a beautiful skin.

The skin is incised down to conserve and normally reposition the navel. Depending on the location and amount of damaged skin which is practiced ablation, will leave a residual more or less important and more or less visible scar. Generally, the scar on the upper level begins the pubic hair and can extend more or less laterally.





It is important to consider the morphological differences of this area of the body in men and women in order to obtain a coherent result within the morphology and stature of the patient.

  • The viceral abdominal fat is more present in men, while the fat is located subcutaneously in women. The distribution is different, often predominant above the navel and on the sides.
  • Initial muscle mass is more important in men.

The surgeon adapts his technique to the very quality of the patient for a convincing, coherent, natural and harmonious result.

Consultation must accurately analyze the muscle quality of the abdominal wall and detect the existence of a hernia. It should be noted and draw on the skin of the patient's position and the length of the residual scar.

This operation requires a general anesthesia and a hospital for two to four days.

After surgery, a dressing is required for about eight days. It is recommended to wear a jacket over a period of two weeks, 24/24. Two weeks off work are expected. It is expected to have a scar dew during the first two or three months. It fades gradually and up to three years after surgery. The first three months, we should not expose the scar to sunlight or ultraviolet It will take at least six weeks after surgery to resume sports.