Plastic Surgeon

Philippe Garcia M. D.


After several years of dedicated and intensive work within the reconstructive surgery specialty field, a decisive meeting persuades the Doctor Philippe Garcia to put his entire expertise and knowledge in use for the benefits of the cosmetic surgery field. This decision was an insightful move…
The reconstructive surgery has given the Doctor Philippe Garcia a deep understanding of the human anatomy. And this profound knowledge is particularly necessary for a good practice of the cosmetic surgery. Technique only is not what it takes to be a good surgeon. Once the technical skills are acquired, a practitioner needs to maintain them at the highest level by a continuous training and by always considering an improvement of the practice can be attained and possible. The level of empathy and listening dedicated to obtain the best result appropriated to the patient – each patient being unique, with his/her own characteristics- is revealing of the possibility and the work of a good surgeon.

Qualifications and references

  • Former surgeon specialist of the Paris Public Hospitals
  • Laureate of the Faculty of Medicine Pitié Salpêtrière - silver medal
  • Qualified Specialist in Reconstructive, Plastic, and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Qualified competent in surgery of the face and neck
  • Publications director E2e

Professional Society

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